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Our Commitment to Work Health and Safety

Our goal at Woodford Homes is to create a safe working environment not only for our staff but for our customers and everyone involved in our building, extension or major renovation projects. Our Work Health and Safety Policy helps to ensure that we take measures and put practices in place that allows this goal to be attainable. The five big parts of this policy are:


1. Achieve a Safe Workplace

Any company, no matter what the business sector they specialise in, has the goal of creating a safe workplace for their employees, vendors and customers. Since we are in the building and construction industry, we take safety very seriously. All of our employees undergo diligent training and possess the knowledge they need to stay safe and help improve the overall safety of the workplace as well.


2. Consider Health and Safety in Project Planning and Work Activities

Our work activities take us all over the Blue Mountains and Penrith, and this means we have to work extra hard to consider everyone’s health and safety in different work environments. Whether they’re working in bushfire prone-areas, on rocky or tree-fill land or on rolling hills, safety is our number one priority and we adjust our plans to ensure everyone stays as healthy and as safe as possible.


3. Involve Employees and Subcontractors Through Regular Communication and Consultation

Communication is key to ensuring that everyone knows exactly where the project is at and what is next. This is why Woodford Homes puts so much emphasis on having clear and open lines of communication between employees, customers, build managers and subcontractors. We have regular consultations and communication meetings with all of these groups to ensure everyone is safe, and that they all know what to expect.


4. Encourage Employees and Subcontractors to Identify and Control Hazards in the Workplace

Keeping the workplace safe isn’t just one person’s job at Woodford Homes, it’s a team effort that involves everyone. We encourage every tier of staff along with our subcontractors and vendors to help us identify and control hazards in the workplace. This could be small things like wet floors, uneven workspace or damaged cords up to large things like major spills, problems with the structural integrity of a project, and dangerous working conditions. We encourage everyone to report it right away so that we can promptly address it.


5. Monitor the Elimination or Control of Potential Hazards

Identifying and reporting hazards is only part of the problem. We also take steps to ensure that everyone monitors the elimination or control of potential hazards both at the worksite and within the company. It’s important that any potential hazards are eliminated or safely controlled and contained quickly and efficiently. Again, we encourage every tier of our staff and the subcontractors we work with help us make our workplace safe.


At Woodford Homes, we strive to create a safe workspace for everyone that walks through our doors or assists us with our projects. When everyone works together, we have an excellent chance of achieving these five pillars of our Work Health and Safety Policy. 

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