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Transform your space from the outside-in.

We’ve been helping homeowners add more space to their homes for more than two decades.

But home extension isn’t just about making your house bigger. A thoughtfully designed extension can improve the flow of your home, create different zones for a family members and add value to your property.

We call it the “seamless upsize“, because adding space that follows the flow of your existing floor plan requires precision planning. We’ll help you look at your situation from different angles so that you choose the very best option when:

  • Making room for an office or hobbies
  • Creating private space
  • Adding spaces for entertaining
  • Allowing for inter-generational living
  • Capturing hidden views
  • Increasing energy efficiency.

Personalise your space

Whether you’ve just bought your home or your tastes have changed since you bought it, an extension is a great way to personalise your home to suit your style.

Add value to your space

Increase your home’s overall value, both functionally and by the square footage aspect.

Save time, money and inconvenience

Rather than moving to an entirely different home when you outgrow your current one, it can be vastly more convenient for your family to stay in the same home without unnecessary cost and disruption to day to day living.

Showcase your views

It’s no secret that the Blue Mountains and Penrith are gorgeous areas in which to live and work. An extension can reveal, highlight and showcase those hidden views.

Ground Floor Extensions – A Practical Solution

Anyone in the Blue Mountains or Penrith who is having a ground floor extension added onto their existing property knows to contact Woodford Homes. For the past two decades, we’ve been helping homeowners add more space to their homes.

Additionally, a ground floor extension is the perfect opportunity to consider a bathroom, kitchen, awning, deck or outdoor renovation. We’re ready and willing to include these various renovation projects into your ground floor extension package, and we’re confident this will keep everything in sync and on time throughout the building process.

There are several other benefits of adding a ground floor extension, and we’ll go over them below.

First Floor Extensions – Functional Space

Woodford Homes has been taking client’s homes in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas to new heights for over 25 years with our first floor extensions, this addition to your home’s existing structure can bring significant improvements to the value of your house and your lifestyle.

By offering the full package, Woodford Homes is able to design and build a beautiful first floor extension that seamlessly flows with your existing structure. We bring extensive experience and expertise to each project we undertake, so expect nothing short of spectacular when hiring us.

Our goal is to take your design and help you maximise your home’s location, block size and energy efficiency. We do this by listening to you every step of the design and building process, and we can make appropriate suggestions to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. There are several other benefits of a first floor extension, and you can read more about them below.

Awnings & Decks – Outdoor Living

Any area of your home can be updated during a home renovation or extension which include living areas, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, bedrooms, external face lift and other areas. We do not undertake one-off bathroom or kitchen makeovers only.

For 25 years, we’ve been giving the residents of Penrith and the Blue Mountains awning renovations and deck renovations that enabled them to take advantage of the gorgeous views, local flora and fauna, as well as their space. We can create private havens by updating our clients’ existing awning or deck.

The Benefits of a Custom Extension by Woodford Homes

  • Save Time and Money — Building up is typically quicker than extending your home out as your foundation, utilities and drainage system are already in place. This saves you valuable money and time.
  • Fewer Disruptions —During a major home extension or renovation project, the families usually have to move out until it’s complete. This results in a huge disruption of their daily routines, not to mention discomfort and a great deal of stress, too. With a first floor extension, you can usually stay in your home and carry out your normal day-to-day routines without any major disruptions.
  • Home Protection —We’ll work hard to ensure that your home is dry and safe throughout the first floor extension process. We understand how important your home is to you, and we’ll return it to you in excellent condition.
  • Cleanup — At the end of the project, you’ll get a neat and tidy site. Our staff will take care of all of your old roof debris and material. This allows you to get back to your life sooner and with minimal fuss.
  • Professional and Reputable Staff — Not only are all of Woodford Homes’ staff professional and polite, but we expect this out of our subcontractors as well. We only work with reputable and professional subcontractors, and we’re a pleasure to deal with.

Our work speaks for itself, and we’ve earned a reputation for being a company that puts clients first. Take a look at some of our home extension work below:

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