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Over the past year, we’ve seen more homeowners focus their time and energy on improving their homes. With new and old trends making their way back into our homes in 2021 including open floorplans, interior gardens and more. As some of these trends aren’t going away anytime soon, we thought to share our predictions for house trends that we expect to see in 2022.

Stylish curves

For years, we’ve seen straight-line syndrome make its way into our homes but now in 2022, we’re all about loving our curves. Curves bring a softness into any space, while also being a major statement piece. We expect to see stylish curves make their way into the design of a home through arched entrances, windows and doors, while also in the interiors through curved furniture and curved kitchen island benches.

Bringing the outside in

A popular trend we’ve seen grow over the years is incorporating natural elements in our homes. From maximising natural light in the design and layout to the use of indoor plants in our homes, this trend is definitely one we can support. Plus, who said there is such a thing as too many houseplants! Indoor plants and natural lighting not only promote good airflow, it can also provide a calming atmosphere into the space.

With more time spent at home this year, we’ve seen homeowners increase their focus on outdoor entertainment areas. In 2022, we predict an increase in the alfresco area to include a full outdoor kitchen and entertainment space to take advantage of the outdoor space.

Green and sustainable

Since growing importance is placed on becoming more environmentally aware, it’s not a surprise that we see sustainability becoming a major focus when building homes. Homeowners are making the choice to become more sustainable through the designs, décor and build of their home. By choosing the sustainable option in building materials such as steel frames, energy-efficient windows and sliding doors, home’s can become more environmentally friendly.

Knockdown Rebuilds

With the housing market becoming more competitive than ever this year, we’ve found knockdown rebuilds becoming a growing trend and one that we’ll continue to see in 2022. A knockdown rebuild involves pulling down your existing house and building a brand-new home.

These renovation projects allow homeowners to build the dream house they have always wanted in the area they want. We’ve found knockdown rebuilds become increasingly popular as they can often be more cost-effective than traditional renovations. With this hot trend becoming more common, it’s not a surprise that we’ll see an increase in knockdown rebuilds in the coming year.

Are you looking to renovate or build your home in 2022? Contact the Woodford Homes’ team. With our vast experience and up-to-date industry knowledge, we’ll be able to design your home to include all of the newest trends.