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Autumn and winter are lovely seasons in the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney with beautiful displays of autumn foliage and crisp weather. As the weather cools down we love to come home to a cosy house – unfortunately this is where we can come unstuck with large power bills. This situation can be significantly improved for those people building new homes. There are so many opportunities with a new build to design homes that maximise energy efficiency and by doing this reduce utility bills and create less of a drain on the environment.

CactusSize isn’t everything! Obviously the larger the home, the more energy will be required to heat and cool your living areas. While there is no need to resort to squeezing your family into a ‘tiny home,’ it does make good sense to spend some time looking at your lifestyle and which layout will be most appropriate over time. What rooms do you need now and is it likely that your situation will change over the next few years as children leave home or elderly relatives move in. It really is worth thinking hard about the costs involved with heating rooms with very high ceilings. Open plan areas can also be problematic for heating and cooling. Again, it comes down to lifestyle – maybe open plan is best for your family but perhaps you might re-think the height of ceilings in your home.

It’s amazing how much difference can be made to energy consumption by paying close attention to the layout of your new home. Keeping cool in summer and taking advantage of sunlight in winter is important when considering a design for your new home. Wherever possible it’s best to locate bedrooms on the eastern or southern sides of the house. It’s also wise to position the main living areas on the northern side of your house. As areas like the garage, bathrooms and the laundry don’t require heating or air conditioning and are best built on the southern or western side of the house.

Zoning rooms can also make a difference to energy efficiency. Your kitchen, bathroom and laundry all use hot water and by positioning them in the same area you will help to reduce the heat loss in pipes. It also makes sense to group together rooms that have similar use (once again this comes down to your lifestyle). An example could be to position the dining area next to the kitchen and living room separated by doors. This way you can heat the rooms that are in heavy use.

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