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When deciding to build your new home or redesign your kitchen many features will come to minds such as benchtop, cabinets, and the pantry. Whether you’re thinking about adding more space or changing the overall layout of the kitchen, a walk-in pantry is something you should consider. With many modern homes opting for a walk-in pantry, it’s not hard to understand why. Here are our top three benefits of a walk-in pantry:   

1. Ample Storage  

When it comes to storage a walk-in pantry takes the prize. They can be designed with shelving from the floor until the ceiling on all walls, giving your home ample storage space for food, utensils, pots, pans and larger appliances. As a result, you can declutter your kitchen bench from appliances that you don’t use regularly such as air fryers, crockpot, electric stand mixer and more. With a walk-in pantry, your kitchen storage becomes centralised making it easier to find your favourite snacks.  

2. Keeps your Kitchen Organised 

A walk-in pantry can lead your kitchen to become more organised than ever. The newfound space allows you to be more creative in your shelving layouts and designs. When designing your walk-in pantry, start to consider where you’d like items to be placed. You can customise the shelving structure to suit your everyday needs and kitchen essentials.  

Designating a certain area to keep your foods, pots, boards, and cooking appliances is essential when establishing your pantry. We often see homes organise their pantries by customising and labelling the containers for certain foods items. As of result, keeping inventory will become easier as you’ll be able to keep an eye on which ingredients you have, saving you money and reducing food wastage.  

By keeping your pantry tidy, those dreaded pantry bugs will begin to decrease significantly. You’ll also feel more inspired to keep your pantry maintained because who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing pantry.  

 3. Adds Value to your Home 

Adding a walk-in pantry into your kitchen can significantly increase the value of your home. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 83% of buyers indicated that a walk-in pantry was highly desirable in their homes. Therefore, becoming a standard in most modern homes.  

There are numerous designs when it comes to a walk-in pantry, some designs feature additional bench space, sinks or cabinetry that can further increase the value of the kitchen and overall home.  

A walk-in pantry can ultimately take your kitchen to the next level. With ample storage your kitchen will become more organised and central as a result. With the overall value of the home increasing, you can understand why a walk-in pantry can benefit you.  

Are you thinking of incorporating a walk-in pantry into your home? Contact the Woodford Homes team. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your new pantry is built for functionality and style.