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When it comes time to start building your new home you are often filled with excitement. However, this can also be a very daunting experience where small errors or decisions can result in future setback. Building a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make so, it’s important to remember that the process may not be as smooth as you think. Here are our top five common mistakes that occur in the building process and how you can avoid them throughout your build.

Not finding out your cost capabilities.

As you start planning out budget, you happen to only think of the initial renovation costs. However, as we commonly see, construction doesn’t always go to plan and often results in additional costs and changes made. Which leads us with an overblown budget and uncertainty about how to afford it. To avoid this happening to you, it is important to calculate what you can afford to spend as well as your maximum cost capabilities. To find these costs out, we suggest talking to your financial advisor before any architectural plans are drawn. As they will be able to guide you on your cost capability and inform you if you can afford and what you cannot in your renovation.

Not getting an estimated proposal before submitting plans to the council.

Whether you are starting on a vacant block or extending your current home, it’s important to get an estimated cost from a builder before submitting plans to the council. As one of the most common mistakes we see in new homeowners, we suggest mapping out your budget as far ahead as possible. As you may have planned for the cost of certain rooms, materials and trades, there are usually other hidden costs that you happen to find out when construction begins.

To prepare you for any additional costs, we suggest getting an estimate from a builder as they may see additional tasks required compared to an architect. The cost of preparing the construction site is one of the hidden costs that a builder will prepare you for. The additional costs of retaining walls, removal of trees, rock below the ground, building over the sewer or stormwater pipes, structural engineering, site surveys, soil tests and site access can be very expensive and cost upwards of $14,000 that you haven’t anticipated.

As a result of these costs, you may be required to adjust the original design to reallocate the budget to different areas. Although it is possible to change plans already submitted to the council, you will be charged a fee and construction will be halted as a result. Although this fee may not sound too bad in the grand scheme of the project, changing architectural plans can cost you thousands of dollars, from the re-drawing fees to paying the builders and contractors due to delays.

Not sticking to the allocated budget.

As you start construction, it is extremely important that you stick to your budget especially if you are renovating multiple rooms. As we already know, rooms such as your kitchens and bathrooms generally need more budget due to the expensive nature of their requirements. Planning effectively and sticking to your allocated budget in each room will ensure that you won’t overspend too early in the build. Trust us, when we say there is nothing more heartbreaking than struggling to find extra funds halfway through your build. Making sure that you and your builder stick to the budget from the beginning will allow you to afford the house of your dreams.

Putting costs before quality 

As we know, building a house is an expensive feat, when trying to save money on the budget, we see many people opt for choosing a cheap quote and hiring cheap labourers at the expense of the build. However, trying to save costs by investing in low-quality materials, contractors and workers can cost you triple in the future. Keep an eye out on those low costs as they often also include a red flag for hidden expenses, low-quality materials or lack of experience. By making an adequate budget with extra to spare (just in case), you can ensure that your home build is quality and lasts for years to come. Spend now, to never spend again!

Not selecting the right builder

When it comes to selecting a builder, you often have many options to choose from. However, it is important to not only focus on their experience and credentials but also their personality. During this selection process, you should aim to find someone that you effectively communicate your wants and needs, as this will avoid miscommunication and potential errors in the future. When talking to a builder you should discuss their experience, opinions about budget, and expected time frame. Make sure you take note of these answers because if they are vague and unclear then it may be a clear sign that they are not suitable for your project.

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