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After Care.

Have you recently purchased a house or do you live in a house that requires constant repairs due to poor initial design or construction? This is called house stress, and it’s a problem for both homeowners and new home buyers.

However, when you choose Woodford Homes to complete your construction, extension or major renovation project, you’ll never have to endure house stress or worry about poor design and construction.

Our goal is to keep our clients happy, informed and satisfied throughout the building and construction process, and we don’t believe this ends when we hand the home back to our clients. Each client gets VIP service, and this is the way we’ve done it for over 20 years.

We include After Care Services as part of our initial construction package, and it all starts by listening to our clients and finding out what they want. We believe in following our clients’ desires while offering recommendations and making sure that the work has a professional finish.

Our After Care services include:

  • three months of maintenance after we hand the home back;
  • six-year structural warranty;
  • a customised maintenance and upkeep guide;
  • most importantly, our friendship and services for as long as you need a professional to consult with about your house.

Woodford Homes’ Maintenance Tips

As we firmly believe in our motto, “Delivering what we promise,”we’d like to offer you the following maintenance tips to keep you happy and stress-free, even after we finish your build. They include:

Keep a Scheduled Maintenance Plan — Whether you need annual electrical and plumbing checks or spring cleaning, having a scheduled maintenance plan helps to catch small problems before they become costly ones. You should plan on checking your appliance filters, cracks, leaks, smoke detectors and insulation annually or semi-annually. Also, file all of your appliance manuals in one place, and contact us with questions.

Choose Quality Cleaning Supplies — Cleaning your home is important, but you want to make sure that you choose products that won’t damage your tile, fabric, paint or glass. While we don’t recommend or endorse specific brands, we encourage you to do your research and dilute your cleaning products if you’re not sure of their strength.

Perform Seasonally-Appropriate Upkeep — You should plan on adjusting your home’s maintenance routine with the seasons. This means checking your roof guttering in the spring and summer for foliage and leaf buildup, checking the exterior paint for cracks and cleaning your chimney regularly.

Have an Emergency Fund— Ideally, your emergency fund should be able to cover the cost to replace your appliances parts as well as miscellaneous home expenses, such as your hot water systems, heater and anything that doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.

When you call Woodford Homes for After Care Services, we’ll do everything we can to answer promptly because we’ll treat you like you’re a family. Additionally, we love visiting our clients’ homes and catching up on their progress.