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Designing for energy efficiency

An energy efficient home makes sense – it’s better for you and your family, it saves you money and is kinder to the environment.

Energy efficiency is also an important part of current building regulations. All new homes have to comply with BASIX Energy Targets.

You can be assured that the expert team at Woodford Homes holds Greensmart Professional accreditation and has a thorough understanding of all regulations.

What is an energy efficient home?

An energy efficient home:

  • uses less energy and water
  • produces lower greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • places less reliance on nonrenewable energy.

An energy efficient home is also a healthy home.

It will help you save money on your power bills and help save the planet too!

The good news is that both new and existing homes can be improved with simple energy efficient strategies as well as products and materials.

We’ll help you design a home that’s comfortable all year round and will reduce your dependence on air conditioning and heating – saving you money.

Our designs pay careful attention to the thermal mass of your home – so you’ll stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Read more about the importance of thermal mass here.

Making the most of ventilation and natural light.

We understand the complexities of ventilation and how to capture as much natural light as your block and location allows.

We’ll show you how the right windows can stop winter warmth escaping along with the view, and how skylights can dispel the gloom of a dark space and help ventilate your home.

Better heating and cooling, even with an open plan design.

And, while it’s obviously easier to heat and cool smaller rooms, with Woodford Homes, you can still have an open plan design.

By thinking about ceiling heights, the alignment of your home, zoning certain rooms together and including features like sliding doors, you can create a design that is energy efficient and suits your taste and lifestyle. Read more about energy efficient layout ideas here.