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Steel Frame Specialists.

Your new custom-designed home or extension should last for decades, and this is what you get with a steel frame home or extension from Woodford Homes. We bring over 25 years of experience in designing and constructing steel frame homes in the Blue Mountains and Penrith communities.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Steel Frame Home from Woodford Homes

Although our staff do have experience in constructing timber frame homes, we excel at everything steel frame — from the initial design to finishing with a product that lasts for decades. We build our steel frame homes with only the highest quality tensile steel that has several excellent qualities. These qualities include but are not limited to:

Straight and True — Unlike traditional timber framework, steel frames stay straight and true no matter what your environment throws at it. Steel frames won’t creep, warp, crack or split as time goes on.

Versatility in Design — Steel has a huge spanning capability that makes open plan living areas stable, solid and easy to work with. It’s very versatile, and you can work it into dozens of different floor plans.

Excellent Value for Money — When you work with timber, you typically end up with a lot of waste. A steel frame has very little waste when we’re through. Additionally, all of Woodford Homes’ steel frames are pre-fabricated, and this saves time because they go up quicker. Pre-fabricated frames also have pre-punched holes that make electrical and plumbing a breeze.

Lighter Weight — You need a solid foundation for your home, and the heavier the frame is, the more problems for foundation movement and shifting you have. Our steel frames are lightweight and cause minimal foundation movement.

Fire Safe — Unlike timber, steel doesn’t burn in the event of a fire. This makes it a perfect alternative for bushfire-prone areas, and it can actually bring your overall building costs down.

Borer, Termite and Dry Rot Proof — Borers and termites can quickly and easily damage the structural integrity of your home, and this can cost you thousands to fix. Steel frames are termite- and borer-proof, and it doesn’t rot or swell in wet or damp conditions.

Strong Spanning — Steel is strong and durable, and it allows you to easily span larger distances between your load-bearing walls. This is excellent for open living spaces.

Durable — All of the steel frames from Woodford Homes come with a protective zinc alloy coating to increase the frame’s durability.

Sustainable —Unlike other building materials, steel frames are 100% recyclable.

Guaranteed — BlueScope Steel guarantees all of the frames Woodford Homes uses for up to 50 years!

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