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Designing for the environment.

Woodford Homes has over two decades of experience in designing, building and fortifying homes to withstand the unique environmental challenges of the Blue Mountains and surrounding areas. Safety and sustainability are always at the forefront of our planning.

And because we also live and work in the local area, we’re also very up-to-date on all of the council regulations and permits required to build new homes or renovate existing ones.

Several of our bushfire prevention steps include:

Steel Frames— Steel doesn’t burn, and this makes it an excellent alternative to traditional timber framework. Our steel frames are built to withstand even the hottest bushfires without compromising their structural integrity or having major damage. Additionally, our timber frames have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand high temperatures.

Window Precautions—We can outfit your windows with metal frames and metal shutters that are designed to keep your home’s interior safe and secure during a bushfire. Additionally, our glass meets the thickness requirements as set by your local council.

Decks—At Woodford Homes, we have a variety of fire-retardant timber on hand that we can use to renovate your existing deck. This will keep it safer in the event of a fire. We’ll also minimise the spacing between the timber and seal off the underside to prevent embers from getting under the house and smouldering.

Gutters and Roofs— Pitched roofs without a lot of small valleys are excellent ways to prevent embers from sitting and smouldering or getting stuck. Additionally, fire plugs in your gutters are a good idea in the event of an emergency.

Outdoors—While you can’t protect everything, using Woodford Homes’ knowledge and experience to design an outdoor area that can help to prevent the spread of fire or dropping branches and flowers.