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So, you’re very much decided that you’re going to renovate or build your home, and now you are wondering how you’d like your overall home to look and feel. The way your home is presented is in a way a reflection of you, so you want to make the best first impression possible. It can be overwhelming trying to design and plan your renovation / build, but we are here to let you in on the trends we are predicting for 2021.

Multipurpose Living

Wide open spaces aren’t just for the outdoors. By going with an open plan living area, you’re able to bring the wide-open spaces indoors. Not only does this give the illusion of grandeur but also promotes air flow, whilst diffusing natural light as it enters the space. Bring together the family by removing unnecessary walls between the kitchen, living and dining area.

Extensions & Additions

A hot trend we are already seeing for 2021 is transforming your space from the outside-in. Create a more cohesive home with added space but including an extension in your renovation. Not only is this an affordable and seamless way to upsize your home, but it also appreciates the home’s value for the future.

Did you know that extensions can also provide a great view? It’s no secret that the Blue Mountains and Penrith are gorgeous and filled with amazing views. Why not showcase this with an extension that reveals those previously hidden views?

Home Automation

Smart phones, smart TV’s and now smart homes. A growing trend we are seeing not only for 2021 but the future, is home automation. Take control of your entire home with a simple ‘Hey Google’. With home automation, you can control almost all electrical items within the home, including your lights, blinds and tv.

Interior Gardens

Indoor gardens are huge for 2021! Whether you have a few plants around the home or have chosen to have an atrium – plants are must. By having these in your home, you’re creating better air quality, lowering potential risks of respiratory disorders and even chronic headaches and eye irritations.

Consider a garden idea for your renovation this year.

Energy Efficient Homes  

An energy efficient home is a healthy home! It will help you save money on your power bills and help save the planet too. Both new and existing homes can be improved with simple energy efficient strategies as well as products and materials.

How is a home designed to be energy efficient? At Woodford Homes, we think about ceiling heights, the alignment of your home, zoning certain rooms together and including features like sliding doors. You can create a design that suits your home’s aesthetic while being energy efficient.


Are you looking to renovate or build your home? Contact the Woodford Homes’ team. With vast experience and our up-to-date industry knowledge, we have the solutions for you.

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