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As the winter months roll around, more families are looking at staying in the comfort of their own home. However, having the perfect balance of togetherness and privacy can be challenging in a busy household.

Multi-functional spaces or zones are becoming the standard in modern homes. They are inviting, encourage togetherness and create the illusion of more space. Planning for multi-functional living can be easier than you think. Whether you’re planning for a second living area where the adults can retreat, or an area to bring your family together, here are some tips to help plan your multifunctional spaces in your new home build or current renovation.

It’s all about layout

The layout is one of the most important aspects when creating your multi-functional space, it can determine if the room is open and inviting or closed off and private. Open floor layouts are perfect for those who love to entertain. Combining the dining room and kitchen spaces allows for families and guests to cook and socialise simultaneously, creating the perfect area for indoor winter entertaining.

When establishing the best layout for your home ensure that your spaces flow consistently and seamlessly together. A great way to do this is by working with textures and colours in the space. This can be as simple as adding a rug or throw blanket over your sofa.

Select the right sofa

Selecting the best furniture for your multifunctional space is important as it can bring a sense of comfort and privacy to your home. With larger items such as a sofa, it’s important to consider the style as it can bring added value and personality to the whole space.

We recommend choosing a sofa that can fit the whole family or formatting your lounge layout to ensure conversation and togetherness is met. A great idea for those who are always housing guests in their homes, is to opt for a sofa that can be turned into a bed.

Adding multifunctional pieces

In smaller spaces, you may want to include pieces that bring extra value to your area such as stools at the kitchen bench. This works perfectly as a breakfast bar, homework spot or can even be used as a workstation. Ottomans are also perfect as a multifunctional piece, as they can be used as coffee tables, storage, or extra seating when entertaining guests. These are great design choices that can be utilised to promote inclusivity or privacy when necessary.

The key to multifunctional spaces is providing the right amount of area for the whole family to participate in, while also allowing room and space for individual privacy when needed.

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