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Have you entered the housing market with an older and run-down home, or do you feel like you are running out of room, then it might be time to consider a total renovation or extension.

So how do you know when it is time to take the leap into a major renovation? Here are some signs to look out for.

Your family are living on top of each other.

As your family starts to grow, so does the need for more space. Whether this is children sharing a bedroom or the family arguing over the TV in the lounge room, over time this may all become too cramped and stressful as the family gets older. If this is the case, then this is your sign to begin thinking about renovating or extending. If you require more bedrooms, living areas or bathrooms, a renovation or extension can transform your home’s structure to provide more square footage and living spaces for the whole family.

If you love the area where you live.

When living in the same area for some time, you begin to realise how much you love it. Your family grew up there, their school is nearby plus you know the exact layout of your local Coles! Uprooting and moving the family to a different area, just does not feel right. If you find yourself thinking this, it may be time to consider a full home renovation. A home renovation can give your house a new lease on life and give your family the additional space they need without moving from the area.

You entered the housing market with an older home.

Buying a house today is more expensive and competitive than ever before. Although it might not have been the home you dreamed of, you finally got into the market by buying an older and run-down home. If you keep thinking about how you should have bought a modern home, this is your sign to consider a renovation. By transforming the original house into one that is more modern, you can finally have the dream home you have always wanted to buy, plus increase the overall value of your home and making the most of your investment.

You’ve said “‘If only I had the room for this…” more than once.

Admit it, we’ve all said this once or twice in our lives and as much as we like to believe we don’t need the extra room, it is more than likely we do. Whether it is more bedrooms, a second living room or even transforming the home to become more open and sociable, a renovation or extension can do just that. With a total transformation of the home your space will feel less cluttered and more spacious than before.

Do these signs sound like you? If so, then it might be time to consider a renovation or extension. The Woodford Homes team have the knowledge and expertise to transform your space and make your home feel brand new. Contact the Woodford Homes team today.