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When planning to build your home, one of the last things you think to consider is the material of your house frame. In general, many people would consider the layout, design and leave it to the builder to decide what material is best for your home. However, the type of materials that your builder uses is essential to the foundation of your home, therefore, it’s important that you are a part of the decision and choose the right material from the beginning.

With many builders choosing timber since it’s the most common option, they often don’t consider the benefits that steel frames have to offer. At Woodford Homes, we put safety and sustainability at the forefront of our planning, that’s why we opt to utilise steel frames when building new custom homes.

Here are some reasons why steel frames are the preferred choice for our builds.

Strong and durable

When building your home, you would want to have the confidence knowing that your foundation will be strong and durable. Steel frames have the highest strength to weight ratio of any other building material. As a result, this allows your home to easily span larger distances between load-bearing walls, thus making steel the ideal choice for modern homes that want an open living concept. Steel frames are further resistant to flexing or warping, meaning that your new home will continue to have straighter finishes on the roof, ceilings, and walls for generations.

Designed for the Blue Mountains

For over two decades, Woodford Homes has designed and built homes to withstand the unique environmental challenges that the Blue Mountains has to offer. With the area being one of the most prone locations in Australia to bush fires, it’s important that your home is designed to suit the environment. By adhering to the NASH Bushfire Standard, we also ensure that our custom new homes are fire-safe by using steel frames in our builds. Unlike timber, steel cannot burn or be affected by fire, therefore, making steel the material to use when building in the Blue Mountains area.

Our steel frames supplied by Go Steel have been rigorously tested to withstand even the hottest conditions without compromising structural integrity. Therefore, our clients can feel reassured knowing that their new home can withstand the bushfire season.

With Australia’s everchanging weather, you need the right materials that are compatible to endure all seasons. In the winter, it is estimated that the Blue Mountains can drop down to an average temperature of 5°C, making the area more prone to moisture. Due to this, timber frames have the possibility to succumb to dry rot in these wet and cold conditions. Further, termites are a significant issue and can quickly infest and damage the structural integrity of your home. The use of steel frames in your new home can help you avoid the costs and repair for termite damage and avoid dry rot.


Sustainable and re-useable

Through our experience working in the construction industry, we’ve seen the number of materials that are wasted throughout the building process. Unlike other building materials, steel frames are 100% recyclable, making them the sustainable material to use when building your home.

Since our clients’ new homes are majority located within the Blue Mountains and surrounding area, using steel frames for their builds is the perfect choice to make. At Woodford Homes, we not only ensure a quality home but also ensure that safety and sustainability are at the forefront of our planning and design.

Are you thinking of building a custom new home? Contact the Woodford Homes team. We are the fully licenced and experienced professionals that will ensure your home is built for functionality and style.