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Dreaming of the ultimate home living space? Open-plan homes are known for being super modern and on-trend, being the main design component of most recent home-build projects.  

If you haven’t heard of open plan living before, it’s the combination of two or more large spacious rooms, that create one large functional living space. This can include the dining and living rooms, kitchen and entertaining rooms or any large space that is used for more than one purpose in the home. 

If you’re thinking of renovating your current home to incorporate a more open-plan design, then our list of features below may help you make the final decision. 


It Adds Value 

Open plan living has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason. This layout can add significant value to a home, both in terms of the property’s resale value and its overall functionality. It never hurts to add value-adding properties to a home you’re looking to renovate. 


Brings People Together  

Having your friends over to watch the weekend footy? A large open plan allows everyone to feel comfortable in the same room, with plenty of space to sit and relax. Not only does it make entertaining easier, but your family will love it too. Parents can supervise their kids from the kitchen while making dinner or the whole family can spread out in the living room without feeling cramped.  


Natural Light  

By opening up the living space, natural light can be maximised, making the space feel brighter and more welcoming This also allows for greater airflow opportunities. This improves health benefits and creates an inviting atmosphere for your home. 


Easy Cleaning  

It is much easier and less time-consuming to clean one large space than multiple little spaces. By converting smaller rooms into one large space, you can get the cleaning done in half the time. 

While at this point you might be thinking that you can’t pass up all these benefits of an open floor plan, there can be some downsides you should consider before taking the leap with your new build or renovation. 


No Escape 

This doesn’t just include trying to avoid your mother-in-law that’s come for a visit and is sitting in your favourite chair. This includes noises from the television while you’re trying to relax with a new book, or smells from the kitchen – the bad kind from that pot you didn’t have time to clean from the night before.  

If you’re opting for an open plan living space, then you’re opting for very little privacy throughout major parts of your home. 


Increased Bills 

 It can cost more to not only build an open plan space, but also to heat and cool it when you need to. With the rising cost of living, what you don’t need is the extra money going towards keeping your space at the ideal temperature. 


Can’t Hide The Mess 

Gone will be the days of shutting the door to hide your pile of laundry you didn’t fold on the couch. Open plan living is inviting everyone into the most used space in your home, if you don’t maintain a clean area, then your home can feel like a constant mess that you’re forever trying to keep tidy. 


Not sure if an open-plan space is for you? Talk to our custom home build and renovation experts at Woodford Homes and let us help you visualise your dream space and bring it to life.