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 Are you in need of more space but aren’t looking to leave your current home? It might be time to consider building an extension to your home. No matter if you want to go high or wide, we have the expertise to ensure a seamless, budget friendly and timely extension is built.

Ground floor extensions are the perfect opportunity to consider altering your current floor plan. Whether it be your bathroom, kitchen, awning, deck or outdoor area, an extension leaves you open to renovate and renew all of these areas.

First floor extensions allow a large area for renovation without changing your current home and floor plan. With this form of addition, we are able to design and build an extension that seamlessly flows with your existing structure. We aim to take your design and help you maximise your home’s location, block size and energy efficiency.

If you’re considering an extension, it important to understand the benefits of a custom extension over a change of location or knock down rebuild. We will show you 5 benefits that will have you jumping on the extension’s bandwagon.

Save Time and Money
By building up, you typically save time and money. When extending your home out you’re forced to create new foundations, utilities and drainage systems, but by going up, these important aspects are already in place – ready for the Woodford Homes’ team to get started.

Fewer Disruptions
During a major home extension or renovation project, families are usually made to move out until it’s complete. This results in a huge disruption of their daily routines, not to mention discomfort and a great deal of stress too. With a first-floor extension, you can usually stay in your home and carry out your normal day-to-day routines without any major disruptions.

Home Protection
The team work hard to ensure your home is always in perfect condition. We will keep your home dry and safe throughout the first-floor extension process. We understand how important your home is to you and we’ll return it to you in excellent condition.

Clean Up
At the end of the project, we can guarantee a neat and tidy site. Our staff will take care of all of your old roof debris, material and overall site to keep it as spotless as possible. This allows you to enjoy your added space and get back to your life a lot sooner and with very minimal fuss.

Professional and Reputable Staff
We ensure a pleasant and friendly service with Woodford Homes. Not only are all of Woodford Homes’ staff professional and polite, but we expect this behaviour out of all our subcontractors as well. We only work with reputable and professional subcontractors, that we have strong relationships with previously. This ensures us and your project are a pleasure to deal with.

View our gallery today to see the extend of our work and what we can do for you. For all enquiries, contact us via our contact form and we will be in touch. We look forward to starting our next project with you.