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Natural light is one of those unconscious benefits we expect from our homes, without thinking too much about the planning and details that go into making it a reality. It’s not just about windows and skylights. How your house is positioned on your lot, can have a massive effect on the way the sun will shine on your house all year long. Taking into account day light savings, seasons and then the layout of your home, whether it is an open floor plan or not, can all make a huge difference to the amount of natural light you can expect to have within the home.  

So why is natural light so important? 


It Saves You Money 

By increasing the light in your home, you can cut down on energy consumption costs. Natural light means there will be no need to turn on additional artificial lighting throughout the day, and the increased heat throughout the home in winter can be trapped at dusk, helping you to reduce your need for a heater in the evenings. 


Health Benefits 

Natural light in the home comes with so many health benefits that it can sound a bit surreal. The long list of health benefits include: 

  • Reduced blood pressure 
  • A boost to your immune system 
  • Increased vitamin D levels 
  • Reduced vision problems and eye strain 
  • Improvements to your circadian rhythms for healthier sleep patterns 
  • Helps you to focus and be more productive 

It’s even been proven that exposure to natural light is a great way to make us feel happier. With all of the above benefits, and probably a few we missed, planning your new home or renovation with increased natural sunlight seems like a no brainer. 


Adds Value 

Remember when we said natural light is an unconscious expectation of the home? This is where you can see why. If your house is devoid of sunlight, it will look dark and uninviting. This look will immediately lower the value of your home and can make it hard to sell. The average buyer doesn’t go looking for a house that looks dark and gloomy. 


Creates A Better Looking Home 

Want your house to have that brighter, more inviting, spacious and clean look? That’s what natural lighting can bring to your home. It can give your house the illusion of space, while highlighting the furniture and décor in your home. House plants will also thrive and give your home a fresh and healthy look, as long as you’ve been watering them more with all that increased sunlight.  


Your House Will Be Cleaner 

Natural sunlight has also been proven to keep your house cleaner. Direct sunlight in the home has been proven to reduce bad smells and help limit the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow within your home, as sunlight is recognised as a natural disinfectant. What an amazing benefit! 


But What If You Hate Sunlight? 

We understand. Not only does more natural sunlight interfere with your Saturday morning sleep-ins, but it can also create annoying glare spots on your television. It can even make standing in certain parts of your home a hassle if the sun were to reflect off your shiny new kitchen benchtop while you were trying to make lunch.  

By talking to our experienced planners and renovators, not only can we help you reduce these everyday natural light problems, but we can also offer you advice on how to shade or block this natural light for the times that you don’t need it. 

Don’t let natural light be a last-minute thought on your new build or renovation list. Contact our team to discuss your needs today. 


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