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Looking for new home design ideas? Lifestyle homes are just for you.

WinmaleeEverything and everyone grows old but what makes life exciting and worthwhile are the changes you make to live a better and more comfortable life. And one of the changes that is fulfilling and not-as-expensive-as-you-may-think is recreating your home with new home design ideas. With the range of home designs available to choose from you can recreate your house without pulling out all the stops and spending all your extra cash – Woodford Homes knows exactly how to help you bring life back into the home with smart and affordable designs that will be wonderful to live in for many years.

Here are a few suggestions to peruse while taking into consideration your lifestyle, property specs, location, climate, and environment.

The Sustainable Home

Also known as the Eco-Home design, this is a modern style that is popping up all around the globe. It is a smart house because it tries to minimise its effect on the environment by using less chemicals and materials to construct the house.  The beauty of an eco-home design is that it increases the value of the property and the main cost is in the construction. Once the house is build, maintenance and the costs of running the house, especially with regards to utilities, is incredibly low and satisfying.

The Farm House

Do you have a large property with neighbours that are some distance away? You might want to live the dream of being a gentle farmer with the farm house design. Farm house designs retain the classic features of the homestead but incorporate new features to modernise and give you a lovely, comfy, and even luxurious setting where privacy is ensured. If you love having space to move around, you will fall for the farm house design – the roots of Australian living!

Most Australians think of open space and a fenced in property as the dream house and what could fit this description more than the farm house with multiple rooms, grounds for pets to run free, and a chance to put up your own herb garden or keep a few farm animals?

The Modern Contemporary House Design

While many Australians love the outdoors, it’s not always feasible to live away from the city. If you are a city dweller, the modern contemporary house design is an excellent alternative. There are so many choices to go through for a modern house. You can have all glass, a bungalow, or a 3 story minimalist house. With limited space common for some properties, it would be ideal to keep the interior as clutter-free as possible. Most modern houses are like this but can mimic the country charm without the clutter using open floor plans.

Open Plan

The open plan house is great for homeowners that love to “share space” and enjoy guests socialising in the kitchen. This design is well loved and often requested. It is a modern architectural design with no defined boundaries which means few doors and walls but promoting invisible boundaries that separate rooms through innovative use of furniture, plants, and other similar elements.  Open plans also work well for work spaces and can also easily be used in homes. Parents can keep track of their children better and cleaning is easier.

For all these house designs, we at WOODFORD HOMES can serve you and ensure quality work. You will be able to see the design in 3D even before construction begins. Our professional trades people are skilled and always willing to sit down and chat about the design with you. Let’s talk about it so you can get the full picture why so many of our clients are fully satisfied with our performance.

Take a look at a few of our home design options.  

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